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The Ultimate Valet.

Choose this Valet Service and we'll spend the entire day devoted to your vehicle. Whether you've just purchased the car, handing the car back to lease company, selling it on or looking to have it brought back up to a high standard, this is the Valet for you. 


Engine Bay, Interior and Exterior all catered for and we'll machine polish the paintwork to gain the best possible finish and shine within the time given.

We can also focus on any aspect of the car you wish, whether it be the leather upholstery being given a deeper clean or the carpets and mats needing extra attention, We cover it all with this Service.

Book online now for a date and time that is suitable for you.

Q: What is the difference between the Showroom and the Ultimate Valet?


A: The biggest difference is time. With the Ultimate Valet, I have an additional 4 or 5 hours dedicated to your car which relates to more time spent polishing to improve the appearance of the car, removing blemishes in the paint work, reducing and removing ‘swirl marks’. Spending more time on the interior of your car. Making sure the Interior is as good as it can be, whether that means removing the seats to clean properly under and between them or steam cleaning to remove any unwanted odours.


As well as all the above, we also Ceramic Coat your wheels to protect them and keep them cleaner for longer, Ceramic Coat your glass to improve visibility all round, especially in poor weather conditions and even upgrade to a Ceramic Wax for your paint work which is more durable than our standard wax. You can even upgrade for an additional fee to Ceramic Coating for that too at the booking stage.


As you can see, this is by far our best value for money Valet and why so many customers return time and time again.

Whats included...




● Exterior safely washed using 2 bucket method.


● Bodywork and wheels dried using a plush microfibre towel.


● Removal of tar from bodywork and wheels using appropriate tar remover. 


● Bodywork and wheels dried using a plush microfibre towel.


● Bodywork, glass, wheels and lights then clayed using various grades of clay.


● Tyres and arches dressed.


● Alloy wheels polished then Ceramic Coating applied.


● Exterior trim and plastics cleaned and dressed.


● Exterior paintwork machine polished using appropriate compound and machine to remove light scratches and as much of the "swirl marks" as possible in the time given.


● Exterior Ceramic Waxed. (Optional Upgrade to Ceramic Coating)


● Exterior glass and mirrors Ceramic Coated to improve visibility.


● Any chrome trim cleaned and polished


● Exhaust tips cleaned and polished.




● Vehicle emptied of any litter.


● Remaining contents put in a bag and placed in boot unless stated otherwise.


● Dashboard cleaned including air vents and ashtrays.


● Interior fully vacuumed including seats, mats, carpets, rear passenger shelf and boot area.


● All fabric material including seats, carpet and mats cleaned using upholstery cleaning machine appropriate to material.


● Steam cleaning of roof lining, air vents and seats to kill any bacteria and remove and odours that may exist.


● Any stains, marks removed from interior.


● Glass and mirrors cleaned and polished on the inside.


● All plastic trim cleaned and dressed.


● All ashtrays emptied, cleaned, steam cleaned(to remove odour) and dressed.


● All door pockets, glove box emptied, cleaned and dressed.


● Leather cleaned using appropriate method for condition and quality of leather.


● Leather fed using only the finest conditioner to keep supple and soft.


● Mats and carpets brushed to renew the pile.


Engine Bay Clean.

As we will be dedicating the full day to your vehicle, That's 8 hours of attention, the size of the car isn't relevant to us.

So, whether its a Mini or a Range Rover, the price is the same.
Total cost for this Service is £300.00.


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