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Maintenance Valet

***This service is for returning customers who would like their car valeted properly and safely on a more regular basis.***


To be eligible for our ‘Maintenance Valet’ service, customers are required to have received our Ultimate Valet (or if a brand new car) our full Protection Detail service within the last 3 months. This is to ensure the vehicle is cleaned and protected to a suitable standard for us to continue to keep it that way. We recommend our Maintenance Valet service every 1-2 months. 

***Customers must meet the above criteria to be eligible for this service, If not, the appointment will be cancelled.


This service Includes:


Wheels and Arches Cleaning

  • All wheels sprayed with dedicated wheel cleaner.

  • Wheels safely agitated with a several different types of wheel brushes.

  • Wheel arches sprayed with an all purpose cleaner.

  • Thorough rinse using a pressure washer.


Paintwork Cleansing

  • pH neutral Pre wash sprayed into door and boot shuts and hard to reach areas, agitated with a detailing brush.

  • Car body sprayed generously with Pre wash to break down the build up of road dust and dirt.

  • Rinsed.

  • Safely washed using a two bucket method, pH neutral shampoo.

  • Hand dried using a soft microfibre drying towel.

  • Ceramic Spray Sio2 Sealant 'Top up' applied to keep the exterior looking its best.



  • Exterior glass cleaned, leaving a streak free finish.



  • Interior carpets, seats and mats thoroughly vacuumed.

  • Interior surfaces thoroughly vacuumed (boot if empty).

  • Dashboard and plastics wiped down.

  • Interior glass cleaned to a streak free shine.


£65.00 - Free Coffee and Cake at local cafe while you wait.


Duration: 1 hour.

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