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 Valeting Price List.

Interior Valet.

  Vehicle emptied of any litter.


Remaining contents put in a bag and placed in boot unless stated otherwise.


Dashboard cleaned including air vents and ashtrays.


Interior fully vacuumed including seats, mats, carpets, rear passenger shelf and boot area.


All fabric material including seats, carpet and mats cleaned using upholstery cleaning machine appropriate to material.


Steam cleaning of roof lining, air vents and seats to kill any bacteria and remove and odours that may exist.


Any stains, marks removed from interior.


Glass and mirrors cleaned and polished on the inside.


All plastic trim cleaned and dressed.


All ashtrays emptied, cleaned, steam cleaned(to remove odour) and dressed.


All door pockets, glove box emptied, cleaned and dressed.


Leather cleaned using appropriate method for condition and quality of leather.


Leather fed using only the finest conditioner to keep supple and soft.


Mats and carpets brushed to renew the pile.


Carpet deodorized to maintain the fresh cabin smell.


£50.00 - Small to Medium cars.


£60.00 - 4x4’s, People Carriers, Estates etc.


Exterior Valet.

Exterior rinse


Exterior Shampoo of bodywork, wheels and wheel arches


Exterior rinsed again


Bodywork and wheels dried using a plush microfibre towel


Bodywork and wheels de-tarred using appropriate tar remover


Bodywork, glass, wheels and lights then clayed using various grades of clay appropriate to level of contamination on paint


Exterior washed,rinsed and dried again


Tyres and arches dressed


Alloy wheels polished, waxed and then sealed


Exterior trim and plastics cleaned and dressed


Exterior paintwork polished using appropriate polish


Exterior waxed, again using appropriate wax for the colour of the car


Exterior glass and mirrors polished


Rain repellant applied to all exterior glass and mirrors


Any chrome trim cleaned and polished


Exhausts cleaned and polished


£50.00 - Small to Medium cars.


£60.00 - 4x4’s, People Carriers, Estates etc.


Premier Valet.

Exterior Wash ‘N’ Wax


Wheels cleaned


Alloy wheels polished


Dry; bodywork and door shuts


Tar removal


Hand polished using appropriate polish


Vacuum interior upholstery, mats and carpets including boot


Boot area shampooed

Upholstery and carpet shampoo

Leather clean and feed

Roof lining cleaned

Windows and mirrors cleaned inside and out


Interior fascia, plastics and interior door trim cleaned and dressed


Air vents and ash trays cleaned


Exterior trim and plastics cleaned and dressed


Tyres dressed


Interior deodoriser / air freshener


£50.00 - Small to Medium Cars.


£60.00 - 4x4’s, People Carriers, Estates etc.


Showroom Valet.

 The Showroom Valet is our Premium Valet and is the last stage before moving into our "Detailing" section. It combines:-


● Exterior Valet


● Interior Valet


● Engine Bay Clean


See above to find out what each of these individual services involve. As a package, the result is giving you that "new car" feel or adding value to any car that you're selling on.


£100.00 - Small to Medium Cars.


£120.00 - 4x4’s, People Carriers, Estates etc.


Engine Bay Clean.

Why not treat your car's engine bay to the same treatment as the exterior and interior?

•£10.00 - When booked with any other Valet or Detail.


•£30.00 - When only engine bay clean is required.


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