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Here we cover everything from Engine Bay Cleaning, Full Interior Cleanse and a thorough Exterior Clean, Polish and Wax all in one complete package; its called our Showroom Valet. This Valet is perfect if your vehicle is due to be handed back to a Lease Company.

Please have a read through this page to see exactly what's covered in this service.

If there is something more specific you would like then why not contact us and we can answer any queries you have and give you a quote over the phone. 

What's included...




● Exterior safely washed using 2 bucket method.


● Bodywork and wheels dried using a plush microfibre towel.


● Removal of tar from Bodywork and wheels using appropriate tar remover.


● Bodywork, glass, wheels and lights clayed using various grades of clay.


● Tyres and arches dressed.


● Alloy wheels polished, waxed and then sealed.


● Exterior trim and plastics cleaned and dressed.


● Exterior paintwork polished using machine and appropriate polish.


● Exterior waxed.


● Exterior glass and mirrors polished.


● Any chrome trim cleaned and polished.


● Exhaust tips cleaned and polished.




● Vehicle emptied of any litter.


● Remaining contents put in a bag and placed in boot unless stated otherwise.


● Dashboard cleaned including air vents and ashtrays.


● Interior fully vacuumed including seats, mats, carpets, rear passenger shelf and boot area.


● All fabric material including seats, carpet and mats cleaned using upholstery cleaning machine.


● Any stains, marks removed from interior.


● Glass and mirrors cleaned on the inside.


● All plastic trim cleaned and dressed.


● All door pockets, glove box emptied, cleaned and dressed.


● Leather cleaned using appropriate method for condition and quality of leather.


● Mats and carpets brushed to renew the pile.



Engine Bay Clean.


The result of this service is giving you that "new car" feel or adding value to any car that you're selling on.

Cost: £200.00.

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