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Winter Protection Detail.


The cold weather will soon be setting in and it's time to get some protection down on your pride and joy, We have you covered!

We begin with our full safe wash and 3 stage decontamination; removing iron, tar and then your vehicle is clayed to remove any remaining bonded contaminants. Once completed, we machine polish the paintwork to enhance the gloss and depth of shine. After this, we move onto sealing and waxing the paintwork to add protection and ease cleaning, sealing the wheels and glass, then dressing the tyres and trims. Leaving the full exterior protected for the winter season and longer.

This package leaves your car paintwork protected for up to 6 months.

This ‘Protection Detail’ is from ONLY £75.00!

A Ceramic Wax can be added instead for enhanced durability and superior water beading for an extra £50.00. Please request this when booking.

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