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Copper Detail.


The Copper Detail is our introductory detailing package and is ideal for a car which suffers no paint defects or oxidation but simply requires a full paint protection treatment. The Copper Detail is also ideal for brand new cars which require initial protection in the form of a layer of high-content carnauba wax.

The comprehensive 12-stage process is outlined below:


Car is washed with a strong shampoo using the two-bucket method and rinsed clean

Alloys and wheels are thoroughly washed with a non-acidic citrus wheel cleaner and a selection of wheel brushes

Car undertakes a clay treatment with a low to mid-abrasive clay bar and lubricant to aid paint decontamination

Car is detarred with a tar and glue remover where necessary

Car is washed with a shampoo and conditioner using the two-bucket method, rinsed and dried with microfibre drying towels

Car receives an paint enhancing finishing polish applied with an applicator pad and buffed by hand

Car receives a layer of high-content carnauba wax applied by hand and buffed to a finish

Interior sills and door, bonnet and boot shuts are cleansed with all purpose cleaner, dried and waxed

Interior and exterior glasswork receives a polish with a high-concentrate glass cleaner

Alloys receive a coat of wheel wax and sealant

Tyres receive a natural look dressing

All chrome and stainless steel surfaces including tailpipes cleaned and polished

The prices below are for The Copper Detail and are all inclusive, the price you see is the price you pay:


  Small Car:        £75.00
  Medium Car:  £95.00
  Large Car:        £115.00                     
  4x4 Car:            £165.00

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