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Undersealing/ Under Chassis Cleaning

Under chassis cleaning or undersealing and protection, stops corrosion taking hold, it also keeps all moving parts working correctly, and can extend the life of your vehicle, not to mention making it far easier and quicker for repairs to be carried out. No more seized or sheared nuts and bolts!

***Please note, we will need to keep your vehicle in overnight to dry and cure the coating.***


Prevention is always better than cure!


Here, at Planet-Wax, we completely clean the underneath of your vehicle and then add a full under seal protection that lasts for on average 12 months, depending on coating choice.


We raise your vehicle up onto our ramp so we have full access to the entire chassis and components underneath your vehicle. We will remove your wheels, under trays and Arch liners (if applicable) then we protect delicate areas and flush out stubborn dirt, grime and old grease using our de-greaser, wire brushing and finally jet washing. After this is completed, we let the vehicle dry before applying our favoured underbody rust protection coating which is Lanoguard. This protects the chassis and underbody of your vehicle for 12 months. We also have in stock and can apply your preferred product whether it be Hammerite’s Waxoyl, Bilt Hamber’s Dynax or Dinitrol among others.


Being in Scotland where our roads are doused in salt for the majority of the year it seems, this service is perfect for people who use their vehicles for work (farming, off road, even commuting) but is also the perfect solution for daily drivers, classic or high value cars where protection from rust is a high priority. 


We are official trade partners with Lanoguard Lubricants which means you will get the very best service as we have a direct relationship with one of the best lubricant companies on the market.


This process takes a full day, drop the car off at 09.00am and our vehicle will be ready for collection at the same time the following day.

All cars are the same price, this keeps booking simple. 

Cost: £400.00.

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