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This Full Valet covers everything from the chain being cleaned and then re-lubricated (If you have a chain of course) to ACF-50 treatment and full Ceramic Coating application.


  • Snow-foam of entire bike to remove loose dirt

  • Chain cleaned and re-lubricated

  • Rinsed down

  • Washing of your entire motorbike using the safe "two bucket method" 

  • Deep cleaning of the wheels using various brushes and products

  • Rinsed down again

  • Dried using air dryer and plush microfibre towels 

  • Tar removal 

  • Paintwork 'clayed' to remove bonded contaminants in lacquer 

  • Machine Polishing of paint to remove oxidation, light scratches and swirls 

  • Application of GTechniq Ceramic Coating to all paintwork & wheels.

  • Rain repellent applied to the visor if applicable 

  • All chrome polished and protected  

  • ACF-50 properly applied to engine and all electrics to finish.


Gtechniq's Ceramic Coating will give your motorcycle 2 years protection and a shine to your paintwork like nothing else! 

“EXO’s leading characteristics have been the superior hydrophobic function and the glorious shine it delivers... Gtechniq EXO offers the very pinnacle of these, making it a dream to look at – and maintain – combatting even the harshest of weather conditions".

I am a biker too so have the same passion as you do and will take the upmost care when working on your bike as if it were my own. 


The result of this Valet is giving you that "New Motorcycle" feel whether she's being tucked away for winter or coming back out in Spring for the riding season ahead.


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If there is something more specific you would like then why not contact us and we can answer any queries you have and give you a quote over the phone.


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Motorcycle Valet

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