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Engine Cleaning Services

Here we offer two Engine Cleaning options;


1. Under bonnet Engine Bay Cleaning. This service is for customers that want just the engine bay cleaned to look presentable when opening the bonnet. We clean the underside of the bonnet and the shut lines, we then degrease and clean the top of the engine and everything you can see when looking at the engine bay. we then dress all the plastics and components and polish and wax any exposed paintwork. This leaves the engine bay looking clean and 'like new' for potential buyers or just to keep your engine looking presentable and easier to read fluid levels etc.

Duration: 1 hour.

2. Entire Engine Cleaning. This service is for customers looking for a deep clean. Especially for those that have oil leaks that they are trying to find the root cause or for those looking to maintain their car and wanting the engine to be immaculate.

Duration: 1.5 hours.



Engine Bay Cleaning
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