Car Detailing Glasgow.

Please see below for our 3 most popular Details. We can also arrange bespoke packages for individuals who demand every aspect of their car to be in concourse condition, from re-upholstery of the interior, refurbishing of the wheels/hubs and brake calipers to full colour sanding and polishing of the paintwork to remove scratches and orange peel effect in the laquer. Please contact us for more information and to receive a quote.


Protection Detail


Single Stage


Swirl Removal

The Protection Detail is our introductory detailing package and is ideal for a car which suffers no paint defects or oxidation but simply requires a full paint protection treatment. The Protection Detail is also ideal for brand new cars which require initial protection in the form of a layer of high-content carnauba wax. 
The Single Stage Detail is our intermediate Detailing package and is ideal for a car which suffers from oxidation (dull and neglected paintwork) and entails a full Single Stage machine polish treatment and finishes off with a protective layer of high-content carnauba wax to seal in that shine.
The Swirl Removal Detail is our premier Detailing package and is ideal for a car which suffers paint defects such as swirl marks, light scratches, holograms and oxidation and entails a full paint correction treatment. From 3 stage machine polishing to a final last stage protection of a high-content carnauba wax or upgrade to a Ceramic Coating. Please contact us for more information on this.